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  • When and Where is the Auction?

    • TBD

  • How do I purchase tickets?

    • There will be a site once date and location is confirmed.

  • Can I purchase tickets at the door?

    • Absolutely however we may not have enough food so we encourage you to purchase ASAP!

  • Can I bring my kids?

    • Unfortunately no this is a 21+ event!  However, if your kid would like to volunteer the night of the auction (I will sign off on volunteer hours) I will have plenty for them to do!  

  • What is the Dress Code?

    • Whatever you are most comfortable in! Jag Pride is always welcome!

  • How do I get my Bid Number assigned?

    • You will receive a package at check-in.  In your check-in envelope, you will receive your paddle with bid number as well as table number if you purchased a table and your food choice that you will put on your table. If you purchased an individual seat you can be seated at any of the tables not reserved.  

  • Do I have to be a parent or guardian of a student at North Creek to attend?

    • No way! Anyone from our community is invited!  One thing JBC loves the most is how much our community gets behind our kids!  So please invite your neighbors, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and the stranger at the grocery store.  All are welcome!!

  • Where does all the money raised go?

    • All of the funds raised go to the groups that participated in procuring items. 

  • What else will be at the Auction besides dinner?

    • The Auction is a fun-packed event.  We will have both a silent and LIVE auction, dinner, dessert dash, fun games, and our auctioneer/MC is amazing and will keep us on our toes all night long!  It is definitely a fun night out and nothing beats raising funds for our kids!

  • Do you have to be at the Auction to bid?

    • We want you at the auction but understand if you already made plans.  So you do not have to be there to bid on the silent items.  A couple of days before our event we will release the items to start bidding on all from your phone or computer!  You will have to register so stay tuned.

  • Are masks mandatory?

    • No, the mask mandate was lifted today so masks will not be mandatory.  However, if you still feel more comfortable wearing your mask please do so!

  • Is it an open or cash bar?

    • It will be a cash bar but you don't need to bring cash.  You can use your bidder number to purchase drinks.

  • What happens if I win an item?

    • Congratulations!  At the end of the night, you will check out and receive all the items you have won!

    • If you can not attend the auction you will need to coordinate for pick up with  Alicia Goff at

  • I want to volunteer the night of the auction!

If you have any other questions please let me know!  I am available via email

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